Maintenance and Upkeep

Garden Shed

As with most products the lifespan of garden buildings can be dramatically prolonged by taking a bit of time throughout the year to look after the building and tend to any repairs before they become more serious.

To help you get the best out of your buildings we have prepared a list of some of the key requirements in maintaining your garden buildings.

Wooden Garden Sheds and Summerhouses

With most wooden sheds and structures the key to maintaining the building is ensuring that it remains on a firm and level base and protected against moisture penetration.

Treat your building annually

Although our buildings will come ready treated (unless directed not to) you should treat your new garden building good quality water resistant treatment. This process should then be repeated annually with care taken to brush the treatment into all wooden components involved within the construction of the building, inside and out.

Ensure nothing is in contact with your building

Any overhanging tree or hedge growth poses a threat to your garden building and should be cut back at regular intervals. If a tree branch makes contact with your building it may pierce the roofing felt and encourage water ingress.

Check and replace any damaged felt

We use a high quality, polyester backed felt as standard on all of our buildings, but over time you may find some wear and/or damage. If you do find any damage sustained to your roofing felt over time it is essential that you act upon this without delay. Should you discover a rip or tear in the felt it is recommended that this area be stripped from the roof and a new covering of high grade, heavy duty, mineral felt be affixed immediately. Contact us as we are able to offer this service.

Check your base

You should have already ensured the base was perfectly level at point of assembly but it is important to monitor this is still the case. Any movement of the base under the building can lead to twisting of the timber or dropping of the doors.


All hinges should be lubricated with suitable oil to ensure continued ease of use.